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Men of Matters

Before torturing us with another hiatus, the Supernatural cast and crew managed once more to keep us glued to the screen on Tuesday evening (well, very early Wednesday morning here, but sleep´s overrated anyway).A thrilling, absolutely satisfying episode, threading the “monster of the week”- into the oh so much bigger general War in Hell theme. And again, the Winchester family´s connection to the ongoing events obviously goes way back in the family line. It was a blast to see grandpa Henry again (not hard to guess where the boys got their looks from…), all eager and happy to do good in the world (there WAS a hunter inside him after all!).The brotherly conflict, heartbreaking as ever, seems to slowly change – mostly because of Dean´s affliction after having realized the effects of The Marc of Cain on him (and angsty, dealing-by-drinking Dean always gets our hearts), and Sam´s growing concern…

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WHOA, a lot of bitching around going on out there on SPN S9E1…stop the cat fight, ladies! First, it´s a show. Second, it was the first episode…give the story line a chance. Third, try not to get personal – your opinions are valued, but only if expressed without offending those who maybe have different views, or accusing the actors/writers of dumbness or evil intentions at that. Enjoy the show if you like it, and don´t watch it if you don´t. And keep your criticism positive!Imageaccusing

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